Amber Aromatics is one of the leading manufacturer of quality Incense Sticks,Dhoop Sticks and Incense Cones in India.We started off into perfumery business in the year 1911.Our excellence in understanding natural aromas & their therapeutic effects edged us to diversify into the incense business.Our first unit for incense was set up at Bangalore in the year 1977. Amber Aromatics is notable image in domestic and export markets since then.Our products have been well accepted in the world over and this growing demand has compelled us to put up new manufacturing unit near Mumbai.

Providing economical products is our motto,but definetly not at the cost of it's quality.Our perfumery background helps us to create any kind of fragrance specifically,as per your requirements. Nature being our inspiration it becomes very easy to create new and original fragrances of different types.So, as long as the 'Mother Nature' keeps changing and evolving,we shall keep providing you with fresh new fragrances!!.

Quality counts and we don't deny the fact.Our consumers proved us a big success in the domestic market and all over the world.Today our products are being appreciated across the world.Well equipped we are poised to expand our activities & spread its exotic fragrances even further across the globe.

So keep sniffing for new aromas...